Thursday, June 9, 2011

I forgot

I forgot that I ever started this blog. Forgot about the drama with Anthony - real name.
Toyed with deleting those two old posts but its most likely that no one has ever read them anyways so I think its safe to leave them there.

I always say Im going to start a journal but most of the time Im too tired to actually write, or I totally forget about it. I doubt I will keep up with this, as I clearly didnt make it work last time I tried but at the very least I can leave an update of my current life for me to find and read another 3 years down the road.

Im 26 now. Almost 27. My boyfriend left me a year ago and its been one hell of a rough year. In august I moved out on my own for the first time in my life. Alexis and I packed up and moved to an apartment a whole quarter mile away from my parents. Huge jump right? Maybe not but its nice to at least have some sort of independance and privacy. Its only a one bedroom but for Alex and I, it works out for the time being. I work so much anyways that we are really only home at night and on sundays, most of which lately we seem to find ourselves at my parents anyways.

Alexis is anxiously waiting for summer to come but Im afraid its going to be a long boring summer for her. Because of some crazy neighbor drama in my parents neighborhood, Alexis is no longer allowed to play with the wild kids in the house behind theirs. Long story short, their mom cussed out my mom for wanting to know why they were being mean to Alexis and that was that. Unfortunately thats where every other kid in the neighborhood spends all their time and their yard butts right up again my parents so she has a clear view of what all the kids are doing yet isnt supposed to join in. In a perfect world that family would move and all could be right with the neighborhood again but that isnt going to happen and option b is i win the lotto and we move far away from here to a nicer neighborhood with friendlier people but thats probably not in the cards either.
On the plus side, she will be going to a new school next year so I hope that at least brings something to look forward to. This school year has had so many problems. One boy choked my daughter for bumping into her, another called her a bitch, another boy told her that a boy in her class wanted to have sex with her. All these things and she is only in kindergarten. Somehow we made it through the year and are trying to get approved at a school of choice school one city over. Oh God please let this happen!

As for me, Im not sure what snapped in my head but I went back to school and am 8 weeks in emt school. Crazy I know, germaphobe that I am, I actually think I will really enjoy it, and since ive worked for ems for 2 years now, I think its time that I get some kinda education so maybe I can move up and not be at the bottom of the totem pole anymore. After this Im hoping somehow to come across the funds to get myself in paramedic school because realistically its starting to look like its going to be just the two of us for the long haul, that means no spouse with a paycheck to help out with things, and eventually it would be ideal to have at least a second bedroom and maybe a car in which the ac works all the time and not just when Im lucky.
Im not completely giving up on love but at this point its time for plan Fend for yourself right?

anyways, ive been off work the last three days, time to go back tomorrow and its already midnight. I hope I remember to come here more then once every few years but if not...well....we'll see.

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